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Sexy Valentine's?

So ladies and men Valentine's Day is quickly approaching! Do you have a special someone in your life? Here are a few tips for an awesome Valentine's day for couples. Ladies more often then not we expect the man to make the plans take us some where buy us gifts you know the usual. This is all fine and dandy, but it is the year 2021 so lets mix it up a little. This year you take charge! (Now fellas that doesn't mean you are exempt from getting your significant other a gift!! Always take every opportunity you can to show her how much she means to you and keep the fire going!) How and what to do ladies? This year get you some sexy lingerie, order in (helpful for covid) or cook one of his favorites, ship the kids off to the grand-parents or a friends and get to business. Set up the meal like a pick-nick with a soft blanket a little candle light and nothing to fancy just enough to show the effort you went through to make this day about him. Play some of your and his music softly in background. You get dressed in the lingerie YUP not later now because you are going to be waiting in the pick nick area with your beautiful sexy self (and ladies you are all beautiful and sexy! Don't be shy he loves every part of you and he will LOVE this!) Make sure to make melted chocolate part of the food set out! So when he comes home you will be looking more tempting then the food you set out! Greet him with some compliment like "Hi my fine, sexy, hard working love of my life." The look on his face will tell you all you need to know. have him sit down while you two eat make sure to do lots of reaching over him lightly touching his leg running fingers through his hair, any type of teasing with out being obvious. Smile, wink yup ladies take it back to the good old flirting days. After dinner which I am sure wont be as long as you think get up turn on some sexy song and do a short little sexy dance for him inching your way closer and closer to him. End the dance with you sitting in his lap. When he starts grabbing at you, and trust he will, Say "oh wait I for got desert." and begin drizzling the chocolate on parts of your body and tell him "deserts ready and it's your favorite chocolate covered YOUR NAME HERE". Ladies this will be a night you and him will always remember, even if things don't go as planned the memory will last a life time. Re-spark some magic in your love life. Don't forget to get him some sexy underwear from AdoraEsme and your lingerie from AdoraEsme as well. To give it all that Sexy bold and AdoraEsme touch! I hope you enjoy your day and I hope this has been helpful and sparked some ideas and happiness into your life. Love is in the air!! later My Adored!

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